Thursday, November 5, 2009

UStamp 09 Swap

As part of the UStamp with Dawn and Friends 09 we have the opportunity to participate in a swap with crafters across the world.  When I joined UStamp I didn't realize that it was a Stamp'n Up event so everyone was using SU products.  Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging but I didn't know if I could be a part of the swap since I didn't have any SU products.

The person who organized the swap, Mirabella, decided that I should swap with her so that I didn't need to use SU products.  Today was the day that we had to mail off our swap item.  We were supposed to make one stamped item, one stamped card and one candy from our country.  Even though I haven't felt very good I made something and barely made the deadline.  I'm still pretty shaky so stamping and gluing are pretty funny to watch. 

I went on Mirabella's blog and found out that she loved being a SU Demonstrator and seems to love helping people.  Her blog is soft purple with butterflies (of course I don't have any butterfly stamps). 

I thought of the words Dream, Create and Inspire so that's what I put on the box that I made for her to store her scrapping supplies in.  Almost everything I did on this container and the card were not really what I planned.  I had to cover up so many places where I messed up or smeared ink  but I think it turned out pretty good considering my shakiness and lack of energy.  I also included an Idaho Truffle for my candy item.  I hope Mirabella likes her items from S. Utah.

Front of the container.  I used floral marbles with permanent marker underneath for the flower centers.

I thought of "Create" because of all the beautiful things she creates.

I thought of "Inspire" because of the teaching that she does.

Top of the container.  I tried to stamp right on the lid but it was concave and the stamp wouldn't go down solid so I had to stamp on paper and glue it over the bad stamping.

I thought of "Dream" because a person can't create or inspire unless they first dream of an idea.  Thanks Mirabella for making me feel so welcome.  In a few days I will receive a gift from Mirabella - how exciting.

I can't wait to see what Jerri Ann sent her swap sister.


Jerri Ann said...

I love the gift you made! Great idea. I'm sure Bella will adore it.

Jerri Ann said...

I also love the card!

bellameabhn said...

absolutely gorgeous, tammy! i'm sorry, you weren't feeling well! i can totally empathize. thank you for such a wonderful and thoughtful swap! abrazos y amor, bella