Thursday, November 5, 2009

BFS Day 1 - Blog Intentions - Tammy

Since both my sister (Jerri Ann) and I have signed up for this class I thought that I should label my name so that you can tell who is who.  On this first prompt for the class we are supposed to declare our intentions for our blog.  There are several reasons that I wanted to start this blog.  One reason was to have a place to express myself creatively and to be able to share that experience with my sister and friends.  My sister lived on the other side of the US from me when we started this blog.  She has now moved to the other coast but we are still too far away to craft together.  It is fun that we both share similar passions and it is even cooler that we have different styles.  I love to see what she comes up with, she is soooo talented.  I also have several daughter-in-laws who like to craft (and are so creative) and sharing our passion isn't easy long distance.  This blog helps to bridge that gap. 

Most of my scrapbooking will be digital.  I do love papercrafts, quilting and other crafts but since I am layed up a lot I found it easier to create scrapbook pages on my laptop - it is more accessable and practical for me.

Between my husband and I we have 11 children, their spouses and 16 grandchildren.  There are three seperate families within this group and we are the keepers of most of their childhood pictures.  My goal is to scan and make scrapbooks for each family for Christmas (another good reason to scrapbook digitally).  Scanning pictures and negatives takes far more time than I imagined!  By taking some classes I hope to be more motivated and inspired as I try to reach this goal.

We are supposed to post a picture of our creative space but I didn't want to take a picture of me laying in bed with my laptop on my knees so I took a picture of our desk that I share with my husband and my nephew (for the last 4 months).  Since I have been sick I haven't worked there but as you can see it needs some attention badly.  I finally decided to come clean (or dirty in this case) and post a picture of where I will be creating when I'm better.  For now I'm laying in bed with my laptop. ; )

The thought of working here makes me tired since I will have to clean it first!  Maybe laying in bed with my laptop isn't so bad after all.


sharyncarlson said...

Welcome to Shimelle's class! What a fun idea to blog together, I love it! I hope you both enjoy Shimelle's class :)

humel said...

Hi Tammy - I love the idea behind your blog :-) Thanks so much for your kind comment on mine; see you in class ;-) (Hi Jerri Ann too!)