Saturday, November 7, 2009

BFS Day 2 – Public or Private (Tammy)

I have been blogging in Windows Live Writer, as suggested by one of my classmates and I like it so far until it comes time to publish.  I can preview my content in my blog, I just can't publish.  Arghhhhh!  So I am now going to publish about four blogs in one day.  I keep thinking that maybe it will work but alas it hasn't yet.  If anyone has any good ideas please include them in the comments.  Thanks

The Day 2 prompt for Blogging for Scrapbookers talks about what kind of personal information we should post on our blogs.

There are times when I talk about personal stuff but I try to be careful about information about my home or that of my family, especially my grandchildren. I do post pictures of them because my blog is a way to communicate with my family but I don’t post information that could expose them in any way.

It is sad that we all have to be so careful but since we are aware we can share general information without going into too much detail.

                                  - Click scrapbook page for a larger image -

This layout is about my granddaughter and my son. Madisen looks just like Ryan did when he was a baby. I put descriptive information about her personality but the personal information is on the next page of this layout which will not be posted to the internet (Please let me know if I slip and put personal info on my blog).

One of my favorite places to check out is my son & daughter-in-law’s private blog. I totally understand and respect why it is private. I feel so bad for those who can’t see it though because the written content is so much fun and the photos are adorable. My son and his wife (who does most of the blogging) have such a way with words. They tell cute little stories with words and photos. I love both of their writing styles because it reflects their humor and personalities so well. OK, so I also love all the photos of my grandchildren!

I liked Shimelle’s idea of making a pocket or envelope to put personal information so that it is hidden but since my scrapbook is digital (and my blog is public) I have to put it on another page.

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Christy said...

Ah, thanks mom! I love your blog too! I wish I didn't have to make it private, but I would rather keep the kids safe, which I know you understand, but many don't. ANyway I love your pages! You have done so much work lately! Good job mom! I Miss you!