Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TP Tube Album with Cricut

Lately I have been on this huge recycle, reuse, compost, etc. surge (Those who have visited us lately can attest to how bad it is). I save all of my packing material to use in my crafting. When people throw away compost material or recycling I go into the garbage after it and give the offending wasteful person a reminder. We've had a lot of company lately so everyone has been submitted to my reign of thriftiness. I've been watching some You Tube tutorials today and found this great and adorable recycling idea for Tag Mini Albums out of toilet paper or paper towel rolls. There are so many cute tutorials out there but I really liked this one because she created a Cricut file for the paper that covers the toilet paper rolls very nicely. She is offering the .cut or SVG file on her blog (you can get the address after watching the video).

My sister and I were raised by Grandparents who were children during the depression and they learned not to waist and to be frugal. I remember some people being embarrased by their family members because of the extent of their frugality. Well, hard times have rolled around again for a lot of us and we need to relearn those lessons. Funny how that happens...

I hope you enjoy this video and that it helps you get some great new ideas of your own. Oh yeah, save all those old CD's, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, etc., they have more value than you thought. Some things are better the second time around!