Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anniversary Gift

I am so far behind on Birthday and Anniversary cards and gifts so I thought that I had better get on the ball.  I made this Name sign for one of my Step-Son's and his wife.  I liked the idea of having a sign that had the sur name of the family and the date that it was established.  I hope they think so too.  

I used about three Cricut cartridges to put the Name, EST., and Year and then decided that it needed something more so I matted everything and then added glitter (art glitter).  I included the state flower (50 States) of where they live now.  I was going to put the flower of where they were married but Nevada's state flower is sage brush!  It would have helped if I had done the glitter before assembling the whole project but I didn't think of it until after.  I have glitter everywhere!

I have been inspired by all the creative blogs out there and how they have an idea and just do it (what a concept!) so I grabbed some cardboard, covered it and started cutting letters.  I'm getting a little braver all the time.  I have so much scrapbook paper and supplies that my challenge to myself is to make all of our gifts this year out of my stash.  Sorry everyone!

On the back I put a personal note and the year I made this.  It is always difficult to make something for someone that you don't know as well but I hope that they know the good intentions that it was made with.

Friday, February 6, 2009

One Mat Cut

I forgot to mention, in my previous post, that to cut with one mat I layed out the entire card in Design Studio.  This helped me figure out what size to cut the paper and where to put all the various colors. 

House Warming Card

On New Year's Eve we were invited to my neices new apartment for breakfast.  She made crepes complete with all kinds of wonderful toppings - it was decadent!  Her apartment is a studio that is so adorable and seems to work great for her.  I wanted to send her a Thank You and decided to use the house from Wild Card.  As I was looking at the picture I realized that there were several colors and that it might be a pain to change out colors.  I was up last night browsing my favorite blogs and found the perfect solution!  Of course I found the answer from Diane at Capadia.  She was cutting out some princesses and showing how to make all those layers with one mat cut.  It was the answer I didn't know I needed!  Thanks Diane.

Here is my mat after I made the cuts.  I forgot to take a picture before but I think you get the picture.
Here is a close-up of the cute house from Wild Card.  Xarissa's apartment building is blue so of course this one had to be the same.
There is also a cute envelope that goes along with card.  I embossed the door knob (not pictured) to give it a little dimension.  I also chalked everything to give it that old world feel.  I hope Xarissa likes it.

Caught A Bug?

Here is my contribution for the "Stretch Your Imagination" challenge and also for Card Group.  I was going to use the sunflower but Jerri Ann beat me to it.  Drat!   Oh well I decided that I liked the jar full of bugs, hmmm....what to do with it?  How about a "Get Well Card!"
Here is the card with the envelope.
A close-up of the jar of bugs.  I embossed the Fireflies.  I should have used googily bugs or something.
What's inside?  The ink job is a happy accident.  My printer wasn't working right, I couldn't get the black ink cartridge to work so when I saw what came out I thought Darn!  But then realized that it worked so I printed out the rest of them.  I couldn't duplicate the coloring again if I tried.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our card group challange.

Here are several variations of the cards I made for our quarterly card group! I used either George and Basic Shapes or Plantin Schoolbook cartridge for the heart. I got the idea for this type of card from Angie on her YouTube tutorials for her chicnscratch site. Below is the Youtube address for the tutorial with Angie:

Cricut Challange

Here are the pictures of the cards I made for our first challange. I used the following cartridges for this card. Stem, leaves, and flower: Stretch your imagination. Center of flower: Accent Essentials. Textured caterpiller: Walk In My Garden.