Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anniversary Gift

I am so far behind on Birthday and Anniversary cards and gifts so I thought that I had better get on the ball.  I made this Name sign for one of my Step-Son's and his wife.  I liked the idea of having a sign that had the sur name of the family and the date that it was established.  I hope they think so too.  

I used about three Cricut cartridges to put the Name, EST., and Year and then decided that it needed something more so I matted everything and then added glitter (art glitter).  I included the state flower (50 States) of where they live now.  I was going to put the flower of where they were married but Nevada's state flower is sage brush!  It would have helped if I had done the glitter before assembling the whole project but I didn't think of it until after.  I have glitter everywhere!

I have been inspired by all the creative blogs out there and how they have an idea and just do it (what a concept!) so I grabbed some cardboard, covered it and started cutting letters.  I'm getting a little braver all the time.  I have so much scrapbook paper and supplies that my challenge to myself is to make all of our gifts this year out of my stash.  Sorry everyone!

On the back I put a personal note and the year I made this.  It is always difficult to make something for someone that you don't know as well but I hope that they know the good intentions that it was made with.


Cathy T said...

Love your blog! Visit my blog for your award!

Christy said...

I think it turned out way cute!!! Good job mom! They will love it!