Friday, November 13, 2009


Celebrations are so fun and I love to try to make them special.  Not everyone feels this way.  To me, to be able to celebrate the birth of someone is to celebrate their life.  I don’t mean that there needs to be lots of presents or that we have to spend a lot of money.  There are lots of ways to let someone know that we love them and are glad that we are a part of their life.

During this Birthday celebration the hand balloon pump was a big hit.  We blew up different shaped balloons and made funny animals and crazy head gear.  Not a lot of money but LOTS of fun.

2002_IsaBday1_web This layout is the celebration of one of our granddaughters.  Isa has a brother but is so delicate and ladylike.  She has the cutest little giggle and gives wonderful hugs.  Even though she isn’t the oldest child in her family she mothers everyone gently.  I am so grateful that she is in our lives.  At the time these pictures were taken these grandchildren would spend several days a week with us and it was so fun to watch the dynamics and growth of each child. 

I had just married their grandfather that year and so I was new to the family.  2002_IsaBday2_webAll three of these grandchildren pictured was introduced to me and their parents explained the circumstances and I fell in love instantly.  The kids just accepted me and we were soon playing on the floor as if we always had.  I am so grateful for the innocent acceptance that I received and for all the time we were able to spend together.

Sadly one family moved from the area.  Because of health, we moved also.  We now only get to visit each other for short periods and phone calls.  I miss them so much but every time we talk on the phone it is as if no time has passed.  More children have been added and we still have many reasons to celebrate these precious lives.  We pray for them daily and think of them often.  We love all of you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tale of Two Brains

Whether you are a man or a woman, single or in a relationship, you need to watch this video.  I saw it last year and so much about men and women (and the way they think) made sense.  Why didn't anyone tell me about this before?!  I'm jelous becaus I want a "Nothing Box!"

After you've watched this video, post a comment about what you would be doing if you had a "Nothing Box." 

Me?  I would be in my hammock with a light mountain breeze keeping me cool and a stream gurgling nearby (not too close because I'm allergic to mesquitoes!), an icy drink and a book close at hand.  Ahhh bliss.  You may argue that I'm doing something, but in my life this is doing nothing.

Faith...30 Years Later?

As I was going through old photos I ran into this photo of me in 1979. Maybe it’s because I was reading some blogs this morning, of 20-something girls looking at life, but I was taken back to this day and my life. I was 21 years old and on a picnic with my husband and baby boy. I was a few months away from giving birth to my second son. Life was so different then, no internet, no cell phones, no digital anything, cable TV was in it’s infancy (it was 1984 before we could afford it), etc.

Back then I pretty much ran on faith. Faith that if I did what I thought was right everything would be fine. Faith that most of the world tried to do what was right and best for those they loved.

Thirty years later, one divorce, a second marriage, three sons, eight step-children, 16 grandchildren, technology and information readily available 24/7, health issues, the list could go on forever. Who have I become and do I still have faith in human nature?

I’ve seen so much crime, destruction, violence, betrayal, divorce, war. How could I have faith when I’ve seen so much in my personal life and even worse on the news (which I don’t watch hardly ever anymore). How could I teach my children about faith when they have grown up surrounded by people who would hurt them or take advantage of them so easily?

I don’t know all of the answers but yes I do still run on faith and hope for the future. I’ve taught my children to have faith in God, to trust in those of us who love them. Over the years I’ve learned to be wary of who I trust but to give myself completely to those that I love. As I’ve watched my children and grandchildren grow and mature I’ve wondered what life would be like if we didn’t have faith and hope for the future.

The answer that I’ve come up with is that I wouldn’t want to live without faith because it gives us hope and with hope comes growth. If we didn’t have hope in the future why even try? Some people have called me naive but I have chosen to look forward to the future and enjoy my life and loved ones. Sometimes I leave myself vulnerable and get hurt but I would rather try for a better future than hide from the joy of living.

As we see natural and man-made disasters play out there is always a group of people who have survived, who have put their lives in jeopardy to help others and to give up luxuries to make sure that others have necessities. This always makes me emotional because it tells me that I’m not alone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Setting Goals and Taking Journeys (Tammy)

One of the goals that I have for this blog is to spend time with my sister doing the things that we love to do. Since we don’t live near each other this blog is perfect. This way we can share our passion with each other, family and friends (Christy, we miss swapping cards with you and seeing your amazing talent but we know that you are doing far more important work right now. There is a time for every season under Heaven…)

Another goal that I have is to scrapbook more. Between my husband and I we are the keeper of three families pictures. We need to share those photos and memories with all of the members of those families. Since Hybrid Scrapbooking would be too hard to share with everyone I decided to try Digital Scrapbooking. Perfect match!

I am a bit of a computer geek and this way even when I don’t feel good enough to get out paper, trimmer and glue I can scrap memories and pass out CD’s of our families history.

So how do I keep track of my goal? I need to set a long-term goal and then smaller goals to help me reach the long-term goal…right? I need to get a scrapbook ready for this Christmas and I am way behind. Today we took out our boxes of photo’s and I chose two months of pictures from the time that my husband and I got married (Seven 1/2 years ago). These were the safest pictures to choose since I can make one album that will include everyone (instead of doing three albums to cover all three families). I am going to work on these pictures until I have enough pictures for a scrapbook.

So since I need an album done for Christmas and I am laid up I decided to set a goal of at least two layouts (4 pgs.) per week so that in the next five weeks I will have at least 10 layouts (20 pgs.). Since I have so much to do I am going to use some templates to speed things up. I have lots of great digital paper and embellishments from Scrappers Guide and then downloaded a few cluster frames from Designer Digitals. I think I’m set. I will report back here every Tuesday.

TODAY’S FAVORITES: Digital Scrapbook Supplies

Falling in Love by Ashalee Wall

Photo Clusters by Katie Pertiet

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gifts From Bella!

I had to share these fabulous gifts with you that I received from my Swap Sister on UStamp.  Bella is the kind person who organized the swap between lots of women from all over the world.  Since I didn't have any Stamp'in Up products (which I found out is one of the requirements) she was gracious enough to swap with me so that I could participate.

I received this great package full of these fabulous cards and this adorable calendar.  They all look so professional and I love the variety.  Thank you Bella!

Here is a closer look at the cards laying down.

Not to forget this adorable calendar which I love love love!  This calendar is so my taste.  I like things a little worn that have muted colors and this is perfect!

I haven't been able to make hardly any of the projects but they have all of the details on .pdf files that I download and save for when I can make them.  I am so glad my sister lured me to that event.  Be sure to check out Bella's blog on the link in the title.  Thanks Bella!