Friday, February 6, 2009

Caught A Bug?

Here is my contribution for the "Stretch Your Imagination" challenge and also for Card Group.  I was going to use the sunflower but Jerri Ann beat me to it.  Drat!   Oh well I decided that I liked the jar full of bugs, hmmm....what to do with it?  How about a "Get Well Card!"
Here is the card with the envelope.
A close-up of the jar of bugs.  I embossed the Fireflies.  I should have used googily bugs or something.
What's inside?  The ink job is a happy accident.  My printer wasn't working right, I couldn't get the black ink cartridge to work so when I saw what came out I thought Darn!  But then realized that it worked so I printed out the rest of them.  I couldn't duplicate the coloring again if I tried.

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