Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring or Easter Card

I am contributing to a Free Digital Card exchange at Digi-Scrap Princess and have spent so much time creating and changing it that I can't really see it any more. The challenge is to make a Card and bookmark for Spring or Easter.

When I think of Spring one of my fondest memories is my children bringing me one of the first flowers of the season. They knew how much I loved flowers so they were excited and would usually bring me a dandelion (roots still covered in dirt). This wild flower (OK, weed) was the most precious gift to me. I also have memories of picking dandelions, when they had gone to seed, making a wish and blowing the seeds into the breeze. There always seemed something magical about the way the seeds would catch on the breeze and scatter into the sky. So I made this card based on those memories.

My question is this "Am I wierd for basing a card on a Dandelion?" Will anyone else want to use it? It is hard when you spend time on something and then stop to look at it and can't quite see it clearly anymore. So be honest. Would you use this card or bookmark to send to someone you like? In the Give-a-way I will include the "Welcome Spring" card as well as a blank card. I have to submit this by the end of the month so I need to figure out whether to change it or not!

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