Friday, November 20, 2009

Family Theme Party!

This is a fun layout because it brings back some fun memories that I wish could continue.  My husband’s siblings got together quarterly to have a Theme Party.  2002_GrafThemeParty1_webThe host would decide on the theme and then assign food based on that theme.  We always dressed up and had so much fun.  I don’t know why we didn’t take more pictures at this party but since I like to do two-page layouts I used the second page to journal.  I didn’t have any quilt backgrounds so this is my first attempt at making my own background for a layout.  2002_GrafThemeParty2_webI am not happy with the texture but I now want to research and figure it out.  Here is a layout about our Amish party.  Thanks Brenda and Merick for such a great idea and fun time.  Two of our families moved from the area so now we don’t have as many theme parties but I wish that we could.  Our lives have also gotten busier with more children and grandchildren and busier lives

Because of Asthma I can’t go back to the area where everyone else lives (without getting sick) so that kind of puts a damper on plans.  Sorry guys!  Maybe this summer we can have another theme party here.


Christy said...

HOw fun! Great Layout too mom! I like your design, it looks just like a quilt. Theme parties are always fun too!

humel said...

Oh, this is lovely :-) (The layout and the whole idea of the theme party!) I'm sorry your asthma makes it harder for you to get together often x