Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas 2009 Idea Thread on

"The M & M's Christmas Story

As you hold these candies in your hand,
and turn them, you will see...
The M becomes an E, and then a 3.
They tell the Christmas story. It's one I'm sure you know.
It took place in a stable a long, long, time ago.
The *E* is for the East, where the star shone so bright.
The *M* is for the Manger, where Baby Jesus slept that night.
The *3* is for the wise men, who came bearing gifts.

So as you eat these candies,
or share them with your friends,
remember the meaning of Christmas.
It's a love story that never ends."

I found this on the Cricut Message board and it was just too cute not to share. Don't be surprised if any of you receive M&Ms for Christmas. I will never look at an M&M the same again.

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