Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crafting when I'm sick...

There are two things I should never do when I am sick, cook or craft. So today I was reminded of this when I got out of my sick bed and made the cute little Christmas Organizer from UStamp. I was lucky though because I only broke one adhesive dispenser, put one pocket in upside down (instead of saying HO HO one page says OH OH) and ruined one piece of paper. I was shaky and felt wiped out afterwards. My husband told me that my lips were white.

The reason that I'm sharing this is that the craft was so easy that even I was able to make it and it turned out adorable. I still want to make a Belly Band to help it stay closed and then I will take pictures to post...maybe tomorrow when I get some energy.

Now I need to rest so that I can do the other thing that I shouldn't do...cook spaghetti. Maybe I'll beg my husband or Mom to do it today after church.

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Nadine said...

oh dear. please get well soon!
being sick is rather unpleasant :/