Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wild Card Exploration

Today was another Cricut Club Class and Jesse guided us through a Wild Card Exploration. I was excited because this cartridge looked really cool but I hadn't had a chance to play with it. Jesse showed us the Argyle button Pg. 33) - so many options! I made two argyle cards but didn't get a chance to make the envelopes which are very cool. Jerri, these cards reminded me on St. Andrews and the plaids that the golfers and Highlanders wear. Ofcourse I would use different colors. Maybe you could use this cartridge to send a card to one of your friends in Scotland.

This card was made with the argyle and lattace option. I also had to put a liner under everthing because of the color choices I made.

This Argyle card was made with the window option.

Jesse made the most elegant Autumn card but of course that paper was gone so my friend April and I went searching for something else. As usual April found this paper and I copied her. Thanks April!
Here is the Leaf card and envelope (pg. 43). The pictures don't do it justice. Just be sure to use double sided paper for each.

Matching Envelope

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Jerri Ann said...

I love these cards. They are so elegant. Great job!